Owning Tampa consulted with Frank Coto, president of Lincoln Lending, on how to purchase a new home prior to your divorce being finalized. Watch this video to learn how or better yet, contact us today to get started.

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Going through divorce is difficult and one of the hardest things to deal with is where to start. Your home is often the main asset but can also be one of the largest debts. Partnering with the right lender like Frank Coto of Lincoln Lending, it is possible for one or both parties to purchase new homes prior to the divorce being finalized. This can all be done without the potential of making the new home or homes marital assets. You don't have to wait until every term is finalized to start moving forward with your life and start establishing a new home for your family.

A real estate agent can help you navigate the process of whether to sell or refinance, decide who stays with the home and how to complete the transaction. Agents partner with attorneys, lenders and title companies who know the laws of the state and will ensure the sale or transfer of your home is done correctly and in accordance to your marital agreement. Your home can be sold prior to your divorce being finalized in court. One or both spouses can purchase a new home prior to the final judgment. It’s important to consult with a professional to ensure all aspects are handled properly and each party’s interests are protected.